Check deze 11 gigantische milkshakes

9. Donut-snoep-chocolade-spek-shake

Look at this crazy concoction! This is the 'Krispy Kreme Bacon Milkshake' made by the amazing Jimmy at @babooshkabar in Northbridge. We met up with fellow Perth Instagrammer @donutfiends and @grace_mcgurk from @zomatoaus to tackle this milkshake, and as you can see it was in definite need of extra hands to finish it off. This monster milkshake contained a @krispykremeaustralia glazed donut blended in with extra donut chunks inside PLUS it was topped with TWO Krispy Kremes, cream, chocolate covered bacon 🙀, sour watermelon lollies, sour straps and Nerds… then drizzled with what I think was caramel sauce? Honestly, with everything that was going on I got a little overwhelmed (and am now suffering a major sugar crash)! Everything about this milkshake was amazing, great consistency, super cold and pretty well presented if you ask me! It is however $20 and not for the faint hearted, but don't be deterred by the price because this milkshake did feed 4 people..! I give it a very deserving 9.5/10 😺 don't forget to check out @donutfiends if you're a donut enthusiast to the level that I am a milkshake addict! #ilovechocolatebacon #babooshka #babooshkabar #northbridge #donutfiends #zomato #zomatoaus #krispykreme #donuts #milkshake #idrinkmilkshakes #milkshakeaddict #milkshakecritic #perth #perthisok #perthlife #perthfood #tasteperth #pertheats @perth_life

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10. Ijs-American cookie-shake

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