Check deze 11 gigantische milkshakes

 “Drankjes” die je in geen tijd een hartaanval bezorgen.

Je zal nauwelijks geloven dat deze megagrote milkshakes werkelijk bestaan, maar ze zijn een echte trend op Instagram. Wat vind jij ervan? Pure foodporn of onverantwoord vettig?

1. Munt-chocolade-cornetto-shake

@cafe2twentyfour in Belmont continue to deliver the goods. This here is one of their newest editions of gourmet shakes, the Choc Mint! Depending on how close you pay attention to my posts, you may or may not know that choc mint is my favourite flavour. This one I was a bit sceptical going in to it because I could see that they used a generic looking spearmint sauce, but I was pleasantly surprised that they seemed to have also blended up mint slices in the shake which gave it that extra minty flavour which rocked my world! Coupled with their usual on point presentation and not to mention perfect consistency it also had a whole choc mint ice cream shoved in the top! This milkshake scores a well deserved 9.5/10 #cafe2twentyfour #belmont #chocmint #mintslice #belmontforum #milkshake #idrinkmilkshakes #chocolatemilkshake #milkshakeaddict #milkshakecritic #perth #perthisok #perthlife #perthfood #tasteperth #pertheats @perth_life #urbanspoon

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2. M&M’s-chocolade-koeken-shake

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