Het appartement van deze New Yorkse lijkt aan de buitenkant heel gewoon, maar dan stap je binnen

Crazy plant lady.

Summer Rayne Oakes is een auteur en milieuactiviste die in een appartement in Brooklyn, New York, woont. Als kind woonde ze op het platteland en toen ze later naar New York verhuisde, miste ze de natuur enorm.

De stad leek op het eerste gezicht niet meteen een plek waar ze zou kunnen aarden. Maar alles veranderde toen ze besloot om de natuur gewoon naar binnen te brengen. Vergeet de crazy cat lady en ontmoet de crazy plant lady.

Wow. I love a good gardening day!!! (We need some more gardening emojis btw) … I did a huge reorganization of the house yesterday, and with the help of a friend, put in a good 10 hours of gardening in the home. The biggest challenges came from Fig Forest. The repotting of one of my larger Ficus wasn't even the biggest feat, though it took time and a serious chunk out of my wallet for that pot; but it was the reworking and rewiring of branches so I could move a bit more effortlessly through the home. The yucca, which is in fig forest, and something I've had growing for about six years had grown so sideways and was so inflexible that we had to basically coax it to turn the other way. I got scratched my yucca and my friend got a leg-full of cacti. But all-in-all it was a damn good day! And I actually made room now for about 20 new little to medium-sized plants and two-three big guys…particularly sun living ones now that I can access more window spaces…but not going to make any quick decisions quite yet! ☝🏽🌿

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